SINCE 1993
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A trusted sign for manufacturing, research & analysis of homeopathic medicine.

Our GMP certified laboratory started in the year 1986, but complete incorporation started in the year 1993

The  'Burnett Research laboratory', situated at kalachandpara, P.O-Duttapukur, district- North 24 Parganas, Pin- 743248, was established in 1993 as the sole proprietor firm in the homoeopathic field. Since then, our motto was to serve only  quality homoeopathic  medicine for the betterment of humankind and brand our name that is 'BURNETT" in the homeopathic manufacturing industry in  India. We always think about the different kinds of diseases that affect our peoples of India.. our research team always tries to invent different types of new medicine for various conditions, continuously we do so.

Let's come to my establishment. Later in 1993, the said proprietor entity was restructured into a partnership firm w.e.f. 01 December 2016. In 1993  , a newborn baby named ' Burnett' at that time; we nourished this firm differently as quality time invested by visiting doctors, dealers, and stockists to promote our products and our brand name...at that time, we had four categories of medicine..like 1. Homoeopathic Mother tincture 2, Homoeopathic potentised medicine 3 . homoeopathic combination medicine( patent) 4 mother solutions
We always try to give good quality medicine .Firm never compromise with the quality of treatment. and the genuinity of medicine.

In 1994 we found that our newborns '  BURNETT started walking in the homeopathic world. In the year 1994, we saw that our products are very effective for the people of India..and we get lots of orders from different parts of India. By seeing this kind of fast improvement, we go for more and more physical visits to many homeopathic doctors because electronic media was not very strong at that time. Apart from that, for enhancing the acceptability of our product in the market under the brand name of 'Burnett' huge quantity of money and adequate time has been spent for recruiting some MR to promote our products and participate different doctor seminars in another part of India mostly in West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam etc (mostly eastern part of India).

In the year 1995, we purchased some manual machinery for fast production of our medicine to fulfill our demand. At that time, we had not received any govt aid/facility for the growth of said business entity (as at that time Government was not keen to promote the discipline of Homeopathy as means of curing diseases). In a very tough market situation, our entity, i.e. 'BURNETT', has established itself as a unique name in the homoeopathic medicine manufacturing industry due to our efforts and sincerity. To stand with the competitor and maintain market potential, we were forced to invest lots of money by selling our properties (family gold, ancestral property, etc.) at a meagre market price.

From 1995 to 2000 our business entity, i.e. 'Burnett' has produced more and more good quality homeo medicine for the Indian people under different unique product names for diarrhoea, dysentery, fever, liver disease, lung diseases, heart disease etc. As like some name of brand medicines are ENTEROCLIN , TEMPLEX ,  LIV 10 GASTOPLEXX , KALMEGH SYRUP , Raultone Etc and we always manufacture original and genuine mother tincture and potentised medicine. We are more emphasize ON THE Mother tincture and Potentised medicine.

In the year 2001, our BURNETT became a good name in the homeopathic field..gradually we changed our marketing ideas according to the growth of electronic media and print media. We pushed for advertising some products in different doctor seminars, newspapers, and electronic media.
From the beginning, we invested in seminars and created leaflets, posters, danglaar therapeutic for our products and electronic media and print media. To make our brand in the homeopathic manufacturing and marketing industry.

From 2002 to 2005, we achieved a milestone in homeopathic market by establishing that 'Burnett' ’s mother tincture and homeopathic potentised medicine are  better than other producers of Homeomedicenes and some homeopathic combination products were very much appreciable for the doctor’s chamber.

In the meantime, all the government rules and regulations regarding the homoeopathic medicine system have changed and taxation rules have changed. But we always follow all the new rules of homeopathy. With time, we have more than 25 brands of medicine and more than  2000 no actual homeopathic generic medicine(including potentised medicine).

Since the beginning, we have complied with all rules of taxation like sales tax and income tax etc.
Apart from that, we have complied with social security labour legislation like EPF, ESI, etc. The labour force has been increased in our firm as per the increased DEMAND of the production department.

From the year 2007, we created our online communication with the doctors.

IN The years 2009 and 2010, we have reached a milestone as we received GMP (Good Manufacturing  Practice ) certificate from Govt of West Bengal.and so certification 9001:2008' now it is updated by 9001:2015
Our medicine preparation was highly appreciable by the drug control of West Bengal in 2010; since then, Burnett has determined that we retain our name in the homeopathic field at any cost.

With time, our homoeopathy medicine product has reached different states of India with the brand name BURNETT   - HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE.

In 2010, we started producing some new categories of medicine as per demand of doctors like homeopathic Mother solutions,Biochemic medicine, Bio Combination medicine , homeopathic ointment , homeopathic cream ,  homoeopathic body,  and homoeopathic hair lotion.

From 2012 to 2015, BURNETT went to a next milestone.that Burnett reached every part of India by giving quality and genuine homeopathic medicine for the people of india when the golden period of Burnett was started. Because by the name BURNETT our products are accepted all over india. As per the needs of people we are also upgrading our systems of billing and communication to the doctors of india. Electronic media also call us to create a ‘fingertip brand name’.
Then we created our website. www.burnettresearchlab.com to meet the market requirement.

From 2015 until now, we have reached more than 5000 dealers and stockist.
The Parameters of doctors we can not calculate because it's impossible.

Today BURNETT Research Laboratory is known as ‘BURNETT ‘ in homeopathic system of medicine..Every Medicine Asked As Burnett medicine means medicine of  ‘BURNETT Research Laboratory’ because people are acquainted with that name.

Wef 01 December 2016 the sole proprietor firm i.e. M/S Burnett Research Laboratory has converted into a partnership firm (Regd No. L82260 as Burnett Research Laboratory), registered under Indian Partnership Act, 1932 .Since the beginning various requisite documents have been issued against M/S Burnett Research Laboratory and subsequently in the name of Burnett Research Laboratory for legally continuing the said business operation of our firm and subsequently, few has also been renewed as per the requirement of time. The said documents are appended below:-


Since 2010 continuously we are getting our GOOD Manufacturing  Practice certificate from drug control.

We are the ISO 9001: 2015 certified firm

We have been producing our medicine by fully automatic GMP standard stainless steel apparatus and types of machinery.

We have invested more than 50 crore from 1993 to 2018 for developing our infrastructure.

          We have a good quality control team. They are fully engaging their time to maintain the name of Burnett by preparing good quality homoeopathic medicine. We have a botanist to check the quality of herbs that's most important in homeopathic medicine preparation, so we are not compromising quality and genuinity. HAVE  sufficient  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, good NO OF MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, and sufficient  NO OF ADVISORY committee. WE PREPARE MEDICINE AS PER THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACOPOEIA OF INDIA(HPI); WE HAVE 9 VOLUMES OF HPI,.

We have more than sufficient staff, directly and indirectly, involved with the production or marketing etc of our firm. Our Market representatives are always giving their quality time to retain this good quality UNDER THE brand name that is BURNETT.

Our company feedback is 95 to 99 percent good and excellent on the basis of our records.

We always maintain all the documents that are related to our results of products.
With the passage of time and our effort, sincerity, and honesty, our firm's product has become an indispensable medicine to many doctors and dealers in the field of homeopathy.  For the last two years, we are upgrading our  digital marketing and targeting those doctors and dealers who are engaging their time in mobile searching. We are also trying to reach on the fingertip by online shopping procedure to achieve our market target. Few new medicines are also in the pipeline for entry into the market. ONE OF THEM IS NETTOLIVE which is also applied for the trademark.

 We are also a reputed supplier of homeopathic medicine to different Govt departments . And further, our firm has also obtained ‘IEC Code’ for exporting our medicine beyond India and will bring revenue for our country through this process.

OUR MOST VALUABLE PRODUCT IS “ Burnett's Skino plus” which is already registered in the trademark.

Our market is spread all over India  like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Odessa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Kerala Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tripura, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh etc

Hence, the ‘Burnett” started its journey from West Bengal ,subsequently the eastern part of India and has become a Pan-India business entity in the field of homeopathic medicine and intends to become an internationally recognized entity in the field of homeopathy.